Shieldbank offers young people of school leaving age the opportunity to come and do work experience. This allows them to decide whether they are suited to a career with horses.


We also offer foreign students the opportunity to come to Shieldbank to improve their English whilst assisting with the horses, riding, and meeting our Club Members.


I would like to share with you some of the comments from our Shieldbank "Survivors' Book":


"From Sarah's and my arrival till my last day I must say that I really appreciated every week I could spend here. This is a fact I cannot say of any of my former work placements." (Kathrin from Germany)


"Thank you all so much for the last weeks! I had a great time here, I really enjoyed myself. You are doing a great job with Shieldbank. I really hope you will never stop to give more girls the chance to come over." (Hannah from Germany)


"Shieldbank is a brilliant place, always people around and something to do It is also unique in that it has its very own time-scale commonly known as Shieldbank time or Philip time" (Lesley from Scotland)


"Best experience: Arriving! Worst experience: Leaving! (Andrea from Germany)


"Shieldbank is fun, fun, fun with great people, horses, cup of coffee or tea, lovely cats, crazy, a little paradise. A big, huge thank - you to everybody". (Ivia from Switzerland).


"Shieldbank is a really wonderful place with very friendly persons and nice animals - thank you very much for all!" (Doris from Austria)


"Shieldbank's people are very open-minded, friendly, helpful and always try to find a solution for every problem! It was not difficult to survive!" (Manuela from Germany).


"I could improve my English enormously. I've had so much fun." (Alischa from Germany).


"Thank you all so much for the last 6 months! I had a great time here and I'll be back.... so you can start being scared just now!" (Marley from Germany)