Clippie had a very famous Hanoverian dressage stallion as a dad called “Garcon”, and a Thoroughbred cross mum. His show name is Eclipse and he was born on 15th May, 2003. Clippie has grown much taller than both his mum and dad and we reckon he is now 18.1 hands.   He came to Shieldbank in April 2015 to be trained as a vaulting horse; he also works in the riding school when his vaulting commitments allow!   He is very sociable; wanting to be everyone’s friend (horses and people) but doesn’t always remember just how big he is compared to others!




Acorn is a Norwegian/Welsh pony mare, standing 14.1 hands and born in May, 1995 in Devon. Her full name is Hearsay Acorn and is registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society as a part-bred. Acorn has an eel stripe along her spine (a dark line) going all the way from her mane to her tail. She has a lot of experience helping people to learn to ride, adults and children alike.   Acorn loves doing anything with poles; either going over in walk or trot……or even better if she gets to canter and jump!   She is also very good with children & loves to play games with cones or having walk and trot races with Barbie.  When out in the field Acorn is usually the last to come in……the grass is just too delicious!




Barbie is a Haflinger pony (a breed of horse that originates from Austria & Italy) & stands 13.2hands. She was born in the Netherlands in 1998 and named Ibien.   In 2007 she was shipped across to Ireland where she was sold as “Lot 14” in one of the famous horse auctions. Thereafter she came to a riding centre known as Kingsbarns that subsequently went into liquidation. We bought her at the dispersal sale with a nasty looking wound in her side caused by getting caught on the pin of a gate. At that point no one knew if she could ever be ridden again. However, she proved what a tough little personality she has, and is now one of the great favourites amongst the children. She has very good looks with a golden body and a beautiful flaxen mane. She is probably the noisiest pony on the yard………whenever it gets close to feed time you will hear her give a whinny or two to remind us to start dishing out the hay!   Barbie does a lot of work with our younger riders & has helped many to enjoy their riding.   However she is also great for a smaller or lightweight adult to ride; the Haflinger is a very good all-round riding horse & Barbie would certainly agree with that!



Melody is a cross between Irish Draught & Thoroughbred, is 16.2 hands high and was born in 1994.   She has been here for 15 years so knows all there is to know about being a horse at Shieldbank.  She has done a lot of jumping in her career & still loves to ‘pop over’ the odd fence when she can.  In fact it’s a picture of Melody jumping that’s on our website, looking very professional & pleased with herself.  When Melody was younger she used to be dapple grey, but has turned gradually whiter as time went on. Maybe this is the reason why she really loves to roll in mud and pooh, because she reckons a beautiful clean coat would show up her age. Her favourite activity is having her breakfast in bed and is often seen lying down in front of her pile of hay munching away.



Cody is a very handsome black purebred Holsteiner originally from Lithuania who stands 17 hands and was born in 1999. He was bought to compete in vaulting on a national and international level, but after a successful first year of competitions contracted lymphangitis due to the bacteria in British mud!   After 3 years of being very unwell, he has now recovered and is enjoying working with many different riders on the flat and over jumps; he is great on the lunge and has the most wonderful canter!    When not working, Cody can be seen with his head over the wall to get Melody’s attention – they are very fond of one another.



Casanova used to win every dressage competition and loved galloping round fields. He has retired from working due to arthritis in his left front foot – but he has the vital job of keeping the ‘girls’ in order when turned out in the field.   An interesting fact about Casanova is that he was born on 11th May, 1996 at Shieldbank & has never lived anywhere else in his life!   Casanova is very keen to be recognised as the leader of the herd. His mum and dad lived at Shieldbank and some of his half brothers became police horses, and 2 went to Canada to join the mounted police. However, Casanova can still be caught unawares by the ‘gremlins’ that lurk round the corners on his way to the field – behaving like a two year old rather than a twenty one year old! 



Velvet is a very classy looking black Welsh B/Trakehner mare that we look after for her owner.   She was born on the 18th July 2008 in England and moved up to Scotland in 2013.  Velvet is in livery with us and her stable is in the cattle court next to Pixie – sometimes they can be seen grooming each other then next thing you know they are having a few ‘cross words’!  Velvet loves going out in the field with the others, especially Casanova, and will try her best to keep him all to herself. Velvet is working very well improving her dressage and has started competing. She is also enjoying work over poles and small jumps.



Robbie was born in 2008 and came to Shieldbank in 2016 to take on the role of helping people to learn to ride. He is a lovely 13.2 hh skewbald cob, born in Ireland, with a very kind temperament, and able to carry both adults and children. He receives schooling several times each week to further develop his education. Robbie's favourite pastime is eating!



Freckles (registered under the name of "May") was born on the 1st of May in 2012. She was bought by us to replace Millie (who ended up moving to Germany). We gave her the name Freckles because she has spots around her muzzle and between her nostrils. According to her passport she is roan in colour. This Summer (2016) she has matured into a beautiful young horse growing up to approx. 16 hh. Due to her very young age, she is still in training and has not yet been used in the riding school. Freckles is very friendly and lives in the Cattle Court between Robbie and Melody. 



Domino is a 16.2 hh gelding, piebald (black and white) with a gentle nature. He came from North of Aberdeen and was bought to bring on for equestrian vaulting as well as the riding school. He has fallen head over heels in love with Freckles.



Winston is a 9 yr old purebred Cleveland Bay gelding, approx. 17.2 hh, with a very gentle and unflappable nature. We have introduced him to vaulting where he shows great promise. He will also be used for the riding school. 



Cole is a 12.3 hh Fell cross pony with aspirations to be "the man in charge". He has no problems keeping Winston in his place (they are next door neighbours) and loves to be the centre of attention. Cole will be introduced to the riding school.