Have you ever dreamed of learning to ride? Have you ever wanted to get to know horses or ponies? Or are you an experienced rider looking for the opportunity to go further?


Just take a look at our website and give us a call. We look forward to welcoming you here at Shieldbank!

Entry Fee: £15          
WALK TEST         Placing
Katie Bell Robbie 5.00 PM      
Iona Turnbull Barbie 5.06 PM      
Summer Devine Digby 5.12 PM      
Rosslyn MacIntosh Cracker 5.18 PM      
Eilidh Jarvill Cracker 5.24 P.M.      
PRIZE GIVING   5.45 in Coffee Shop      
BD INTRO TEST B          
Sara Callaghan Robbie 6.00 PM      
Lindsay Thomson Winston 6.05 PM      
Lucy Lees Robbie 6.10 PM      
Summer Devine Digby 6.15 PM      
Cara Quintao Velvet 6.20 PM      
Carmen Thomson Robbie 6.25 PM      
Emily Doran Maya 6.30 PM      
Joanna MacIntosh Robbie 6.35 PM      
Juliane Loges Tinkerbell 6.40 PM Longreining  
Summer Devine Robbie 6.45 PM       
Freya Wright Winston 6.50 PM      
PRIZE GIVING   7.15 PM in Coffee Shop      
BD PRELIM 2          
Morag Bruce Velvet 7.30 PM      
Fiona Smith Clippie 7.40 PM      
Juliane Loges Freckles 7.50 PM      
Ellie Senior Cole 8.00 PM      
BD INTRO TEST          
Lucie Peschka Maya 8.10 PM      
PRIZE GIVING   8.30 PM in Coffee Shop      


The Coffee Shop will be open throughout for refreshments, both sweet and savory. Everyone welcome. Friends and family members!


Robbie is very popular, so the warm-up time will be very short for Robbie riders.

On Thursday, lessons will finish at 4.30 p.m., so if you normally ride on a Thursday from 4.30 onwards, please take note. Lessons will carry on as normal next week. If you would like to catch up on a lesson you missed, please get in touch with Marianne Beasley on info@shieldbank.co.uk


Riders are responsible for getting their horses / ponies down to the sand arena in plenty time. We will have members of staff on duty to help with anything you need.

Wishing all the competitors the best of luck.